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Hello Friend! Do you know you can submit/write your own post to be published here on 9jatechguru Blog. We are now accepting guest posts from bloggers, writers, anybody who can write a good article! A guest post simply means creating content and publishing it on another person's website. It is a great way to build online reputation and for a company to get their name out on the internet!

Why Should I Submit a Guest Post?
=> To build backlinks for your existing website/Blog
=> Get Traffic for your blog
=> Build an online reputation
=> Increase your online followership

Guest blogging
 Image Source: MyTrickSchool
Who Can Submit A Guest Post:
=> Bloggers
=> Article writers
=> Companies/Organizations
=> YOU! As long as you have a great article!

Categories/Topics Accepted:
=> Gadget (Phone, PC, Tech Accessories) Reviews
=> Android/iOS/Windows Phone Tips & Tricks
=> Latest Tech News
=> Mobile/PC Apps and Games
=> Android/iOS Tutorials
=> "How To" articles related to technology e.g How To Make Money Online
Not sure if an article falls into the category?
Send a snippet (Title and Post summary) via the contact form below and you will be informed if its accepted.

Rules For Submitting Guest Post:
=> Only Word (.doc or .docx) formats are accepted.
=> Article must be a minimum of 250 words
=> Articles must not contain affiliate links (It will be removed if article is posted)
=>  Relevant images must be added to post.
=> Title must contain minimum of 5 words
=> Only articles that fall in the above category will be posted.
=> Articles should not contain defamatory or libelous contents.

   To submit  Guest Post use the CONTACT US FORM which you can find HERE

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