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Friday, 12 January 2018

How to Write Effective Guest Posts That Gets Accepted

how to write effective guest post
how to write effective guest posts
How To Write Effective Guest Post
Guest posting is one of the most legitimate and fastest ways to build your influence and authority over the internet. But, the harsh reality is that writing a guest post which gets selected for a high authoritative site is hard.

But, it’s not impossible to write a guest post which gets selected. In fact, it becomes a lot easier if you know exactly how to do it in a right way.

Writing a guest post and getting it selected may look like a big workload but its results are worth it. Guest posts can be extremely beneficial to you as long as you do it in a right way.

Writing guest posts on super authoritative sites can benefit you as it lands you up with massively authoritative backlinks, creates your influence among people, gives your social fan following a sudden boost, gives tons of quality referral traffic to your site.

I think that is enough for you to understand why top influencers spend hours and hours of time, guest blogging on other sites and also why should you do the same as well.

Plan a Perfect Topic by Analyzing the Audience

Before you could actually begin writing a guest post, you need to plan an awesome topic idea which the readers of the site would love reading too. You can start planning your topic idea by analyzing the audience of the website you are writing the post for.

You can check the section of the most popular or trending contents of the website and then take a closer look at those topics. Here, you will get a peep inside what’s going on trending amongst the audience of that website.

Also, there are some more ways to check out what’s being loved by the audience of your targeted website. You can look at some of the contents which are being shared the most and also the posts which receive most of the comments.

Once, you gather some of these topics you can start selecting topics which are closely related to the most popular contents of that website.

Like, If you saw a trending post on the topic “Benefits of Having a Big Social Fan Following” then you can smash of the guest post by writing on topics like “7 Best Ways to Leverage Huge Social Fan Following”.

Understand the Voice of the Website

You cannot just write a guest post in your own style and expect that it gets selected for big sites. One of the most important things to write effective guest posts on other sites is that you need to understand what type of voice do the website audience love to read.

This is one of the major steps you should follow to write a great guest post as it will give you a peep inside what type of writing style should you follow to leverage the website owner.

For this, you can take a deeper look at the writing style of 5-10 blogs of the website you want to write for. After, this you will be able to write posts somehow like the owner of that website.

Research Deeper Into Your Topic
Now, once you have gathered your topic idea then you should go deeper and expand your knowledge on the topic you are writing the post on. For, this you can search your topic and read some of the already written posts on the topic you are writing on.

But, remember you don’t have to copy these posts instead you just have to expand your knowledge and understanding on your topic so that you have much more content to write about.

One of the best ways which work is that search for your topic and then analyze the first 10 blog posts that appears on the first page of Google. Then, try creating a masterpiece covering almost every bit of information you gathered from all the top 10 posts you read.

Create Masterpiece Content

The most important thing which can make or break your guest post is that how you write your post. No webmaster would love featuring a trash on their blog which is written in a messy way with a little bit of information and copied content.

So, writing an awesome article is the best recipe which works every time. You can write your guest post in a way audience would love to read.

1.Write in Website’s Voice

Once, you read some blog posts on the website you are writing for, you would be able to understand the voice of that website. Moreover, you would be able to produce similar posts considering that voice.

While writing the guest post you can try a mixture of your own as well as the webmaster’s voice. But, always try to write the maximum of your blog post in webmaster’s style and if you wish you can include some of your own styles in between as well.

2. Include Images and Videos
Never write a lame post covering only the writing part with no interesting stuff. If you would write such kind of posts no one would like it nor the readers and nor the webmaster. So, including images in a guest post is a great way to create effective content.

Also, it is mandatory that you include only original images. Most of the people go completely wrong in this step. They just simply Google around what they want and just grab some of the images from there and just paste it into their posts.

But, that’s a copyright and no site would allow you to publish copyright content on their site. So, try clicking snapshots on your own and then edit it and produce your own original images for the post.

Also, most of the people do not tend to embed videos in their post. Yes, that’s very difficult and it’s not mandatory as well but if you can shoot a video and then embed it in your post it will make your guest post even more effective.

Include Relevant Outbound As Well As Internal Links

This way works great when you are writing a guest post for an authoritative site. Whenever you are writing a guest post try including relevant links from other larger sites in the post but only where you feel its need.

Also, the place where most people go totally wrong is that they include too much of outbound links and no internal link to website’s older contents. But, that’s absolutely a bad approach to writing guest posts. You should relevant outbound links and also try to include at least 1-2 links pointing to the website you are writing for.

But, remember all the links you include should not be spam and should be relevant only regardless of whether it is an internal link to the website only.

Proofread Your Article

Once you finish writing your guest post never pitch other websites for publishing it right away. Whenever you finish writing a post, it may contain some errors and at the same time, it may be missing some important things.

You must read your finished post at least one time before you consider it final. When you proofread your article and find mistakes in between, correct them. Also, read your article and make some additions in your article which you think are important.

Pitch the Website Owner with Some Benefits

If you just talk about your benefits then no one would consider giving attention to you. So, whenever you pitch a website’s owner for a guest post request then always talk about their benefits as well.

Like instead of just sending them your guest post you can leverage them by showing them your social media followers and promising them to share your guest post on your social media. Also, you can say them that you would be happy to link back to your guest on your own blog.

This way works great and is followed by almost every big guest blogger and you too should give it a shot. Also, it will pass more link authority from your blog to your guest post and will indirectly get passed on to your blog as well.

I hope you follow these ways whenever you write or pitch for a guest post on a big site. Also, share your opinions about what do you think about these tips in the comment section below.


Author’s Bio: Shubham is a blogger and founder of CafeGrid which is a big web directory. He usually writes about blogging, SEO, business, technology, etc. You can follow him on Twitter @Cafe_Grid.

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